Monday, 12 January 2015

It's a revolution, I suppose

Choker - Urban Outfitters (Similar)
Top - Charity Shop
Jeans - Levi's
Shoes - Forever 21 (old)

It was actually kinda scary posting these as I was a bit unsure with how they came out. I guess it was going to happen at some point but being on the other side of my comfort zone is well, uncomfortable. I have decided to bite the bullet anyway because what's the point in only uploading photos that are from an angle that I'm happy with, or in a good light? That's not going to be how I look to other people, as much as it would be lovely. I am sure everybody I know has seen me at some bad angles and you know what? Life goes on. It's a miraculous concept that the people around you don't actually care what you look like, at least not half as much as you do, and once I personally realised this, I became so much happier. 
Although, as demonstrated in these photos, there are still days when I question myself and resist the urge to either stay inside or wear joggers and an XXL T-Shirt (or a combination of the two). I'm only human, but a few months ago I wouldn't have taken photos, I wouldn't have put them on here and I definitely wouldn't talk about it now saying openly how hard I found it. Progress is magical. 

Until next time, 


Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

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