Well hello there! Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet and thank you very much for visiting! People call me Kate, mostly because that's my name, I'm 22 and living in the (always raining) city of Manchester. I like travelling (original, I know), dancing and drinking wine. Drinking wine is probably my favourite of the 3. Although, dancing while drinking wine in a country that I'm travelling around is the dream. Anyway, back to blog, I've started this blog for a few reasons and here they are:

1.) I need a good project in my life. Super simple, I find myself wasting what little time I do have in non-creative and non-productive ways i.e. I spend my days off watching whole seasons of Modern Family in bed with a family sized packet of crisps.

2.) This blog marks the end of my approximately 15 year diet. I have come to realise that regardless of what I eat (or don't eat) I am never satisfied with how I look, I have obsessed over food for so long that it's natural for me to waste so much energy on thoughts such as, "Don't eat that", "Get something healthy", "You're going to ruin your whole diet if you eat those 200 calories". When I haven't lost weight in a while I find new diets or new diet tablets that could be the key to me finally being thin. When I do lose weight, I am petrified that I will put it all back on again, which inevitably I do because I lost it in a really unhealthy way. I have neglected my body for so long and it's about time we became friends.

3.) This blog marks the beginning of a lifetime of self acceptance and doing (and eating) what is good for me and my body. I'm really excited to see where this goes and how my life will change when I'm further along the self-acceptance journey.

So yeah, grab a glass of wine (I have), have a good look around and feel free and ask questions and leave comments!

Much love,

Kate x

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